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Best Practice

From this section it is possible to access to a database of descriptions of best practices related to the organisation, management and delivery of homecare assistance.

The selected best practices are organized in the searchable database below.


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COACH BOT- Modular E-Course With Virtual Coach Tool Support English Romania Training course
GAT4ProVIP - Guidance advice and training for parents and relatives of visually impaired persons English Romania Training course
Home care services project by White - Yellow Cross Foundation English Romania Real case
Care for the elders English Romania Training on the field
Quality standards for palliative care services English Romania Training course
Curs online cu suport virtual didactic pentru profesionistii din domeniul ingrijirii medicale la domiciliu Romanian Romania Training course
Ghidare în vederea consilierii şi formării pentru părinţile şi rudele persoanelor cu deficienţe de vedere Romanian Romania Training course
Proiectul serviciilor de îngrijire la domiciliu de Fundaţia Crucea Albă – Galbenă Romanian Romania Real case
Îngrijirea celor în vârstă Romanian Romania Training on the field
Standarde de calitate pentru servicii de îngrijire paliativa Romanian Romania Training course
Nascere bene per crescere meglio Italian Italy Real case
Cinema in the teaching of Medicine: palliative care and bioethics English Spain Article
Operation of international classification and diagnosis of physiotherapy. English Spain Training on the field
Expert patient program Institut Català de la Salut: English Spain Training course
Išsėtinė sklerozė ir neštumas Lithuanian Lithuania Training course
Pregnancy and multiple sclerosis English Lithuania Training course
Teaching and learning of parental pedagogy in health care service English Lithuania University training course
Congress of innovation, patients and technology English Spain Conference
National health policy and reforms English Lithuania Conference
Sveikatos politika ir restrukturizacija Lithuanian Lithuania Conference
Tėviškos pedagogikos įtraukimas į mokymo aplinką sveikatos sektoriuje Lithuanian Lithuania University training course
Patient and nurse English Lithuania Training course
slaugytoja ir pacientas Lithuanian Lithuania Training course
Slaugos paslaugų teikimo modernizavimas Lithuanian Lithuania Article
Challenges in modernization of nursing services  English Lithuania Article
Start Method English Spain Projects to insert patient with disabilities in the job market
Sharing stories: Narrative medicine in an evidence-based world. English Italy Article
New Stories for Old : Narrative-Based Primary Care in Great Britain English UK Article
Stories as data, data as stories: making sense of narrative inquiry in clinical education English Italy Article
Being present: The role of narrative medicine in reducing the unequal burden of pain English Other Article
The marriage of evidence and narrative: Scientific nurturance within clinical practice. English Other Article
WHAT TALENT! Italian Italy Real case
El cine en la docencia de la medicina Spanish Spain Article
Clasificación Internacional del Funcionamiento y Diagnóstico de Fisioterapia Spanish Spain Training on the field
Programa del Paciente Experto Spanish Spain Training course
Metodo Estrella Spanish Spain Projects to insert patient with disabilities in the job market
Congreso de Innovación, Pacientes y Tecnología Spanish Spain Conference
Štúdium na Vysokej škole zdravotníctva a sociálnej práce Sv. Alžbety – odbor ošetrovateľstvo Slovak Slovakia University training course
Slovenská zdravotnícka Univerzita v Bratislave – Fakulta ošetrovateľstva študijné odbory – ošetrovateľstvo v komunite a manažment v ošetrovateľstve Slovak Slovakia University training course
Kurzy opatrovateľstva, ktoré v SR poskytujú rôzne súkromné alebo neziskové inštitúcie ako napr.: Slovenský červený kríž, Akadémia vzdelávania, agentúry ako Swallow, Falck –Academy a pod.... Slovak Slovakia Training course
Odborná konferencia – Budúcnosť sociálnych služieb v Slovenskej republike, Slovak Slovakia Conference
Zvýšenie dostupnosti opatrovateľskej služby prostredníctvom poukážok – Národný projekt Min.práce sociálnych vecí a rodiny financovaný z Európskeho sociálneho fondu Slovak Slovakia Real case
PERIPIU'PICCOLI Italian Italy Real case
Alleanza terapeutica: sinercia fra operatori sanitari e famiglia per la cura della persona fragile Italian Italy Real case
Progetto ICF Core Set per la lesione midollare Italian Italy Real case
Attività elettiva - Pedagogia dei genitori - Università degli Studi di Torino Italian Italy Training course
Muri che parlano...storie che vorrei raccontare... Italian Italy University training course
Il Sorriso di Buba per far sorridere gli altri Italian Italy Real case
Study on College of health and social work St. Elisabeth – care department English Slovakia University training course
Slovak Medical University in Bratislava – Faculty of nursing and professional health studies – care and nursing study, care management study, care in community English Slovakia University training course
Home care courses are in SR provided by a variety of private or non-profit institutions such as.: Slovak Red Cross, Academy of Education, an agency such as Swallow, Falck-Academy and others. English Slovakia Training course
The conference - the future of social services in the Slovak Republic English Slovakia Conference
Increasing ofthe availability of care services through vouchers - National Project of the Ministry of Work, Social and Family Affairs financed by the European Social Fund English Slovakia Projects to insert patient with disabilities in the job market
Niepełnosprawny nie znaczy nieefektywny - projekt zatrudnienia osób niepełnosprawnych w obszarze produkcyjnym Polish Poland Projects to insert patient with disabilities in the job market
Zakład Bioetyki i Humanistycznych Podstaw Medycyny Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Warszawie Polish Poland University training course
„Kształcenie empatycznych lekarzy” - czteroczęściowy cykl artykułów. Polish Poland Article
Therapeutic alliance: synergy between health care operators and family to nurse the weak person English Italy Real case
Elective activity –Parents’ Pedagogy- Turin University English Italy Training course
Buba’s smiling to make others smile English Italy
Talking walls… tales I would like to tell… English Italy University training course
Born well to grow better English Italy Real case
For smallers English Italy Real case
Medullary lesion ICF Project Core Set English Italy Real case
Condividere le storie: la medicina narrativa in un mondo evidence-based Italian Italy Article
Nuove storie per gli anziani: cure primarie basate sulla narrazione in Inghilterra Italian Italy Article
Storie come dati, dati come storie: dare senso alle narrazioni nella formazione del clinico Italian Italy Article
Essere presenti: il ruolo della medicina narrativa nel ridurre i confini del dolore Italian Italy Article
L’unione di evidenza e narrativa: nutrimento scientifico e pratica clinica Italian Italy Article
Disabled does not mean ineffective – a project of employing people with disabilities in the production area English Poland Projects to insert patient with disabilities in the job market
Narrative Therapy - JOURNEY THROUGH NEW TERRITORIES English Poland Article
Department of Bioethics and Humanistic Foundations of Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw English Poland University training course
"Education of empathetic doctors" - four-part series of articles English Poland Article