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Best Practice

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Document Typology: Training on the field
Target groups: Health Workers
country Where It Took Place: Spain
Name of compiler: CECE
name of institution: CECE
language Of The Description: English
title: Operation of international classification and diagnosis of physiotherapy.
description Of The Best Practice:
This practice consists in the use of the elements of the CIF to elaborate in an accurate way the physiotherapy diagnosis of the patient in different services of the Andalucía Health Services.
This practice is extendable to the very different kind of physiotherapy interventions.
From this point of view an integral approach is made to the situation of every patient, establishing a new paradigm, based on the CIF, that faces the problems of the patients linking the different components of the functionality on the basis that every single one of them has a very strong influence on the rest of them.
A group of health workers developed a diagnosis model in physiotherapy, based on CIF, that was presented to the rest of the colleagues in the physiotherapy unit in a Spanish Hospital. The physiotherapist of the unit, all together, agreed a template for diagnoses and once agreed it was presented to the clinic histories unit and the informatics service for its digitalization. Finally it was implemented and the proper code was inserted in the physiotherapy histories.
Physiotherapists have learned and perfected the utility, use and application of the diagnosis based on CIF. This has helped to the understanding and integration of the different test used for diagnosis and assessment of functionality in physiotherapy The use of CIF has also helped to improve the functional assessment of the patient by using a codification method that includes corporal functions, corporal structures, activities and participation including environmental factors. One of its main virtue is to develop a common framework and language that is very useful in the field in order to evaluate the situations and needs of the patients.
Quality indicators:
Use of tools of International Classifications of Functioning, disability and Health (OMS 2011)
A good course of action based in the CIF in order to develop a good couse of intervention in fisiotherapy.
It has lead to the use of a common framework and lenguage among phisiotheraphist facilitating the understanding with other health proffesionals because it is complemented whith the medical diagnosis.
It has also developed a common course of action available for de profesionals in the area.

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