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Document Typology: Projects to insert patient with disabilities in the job market
Target groups: Patients
country Where It Took Place: Spain
Name of compiler: CECE
name of institution:
language Of The Description: English
title: Start Method
description Of The Best Practice:
This is one of the methods used by the Public Services of Employment in Spain. It was developed between 2002 and 2005 and is implemented through a software for the use of the pubic services but also for all the people that work in this area of inclusion
This method, based on the CIF, assesses the capacity and functions of the candidates and the necessities and requirements of the jobs offered by the employeers.
There are two valorations of the disabled person capacity, a general one and another one related to the laboural world.
The consequence is a series of actions and reports that try to improve the employability of the disabled people.
As result of the program a new software valid por recruitment, laboural risks assesment, efectiveness assessment... that is a disposal of the diferent collectives that work with disabled people. It can be used not only by the public services of employment but also for every single organization that tries to work with it.
Quality indicators:
Use of tools of International Classifications of Functioning, disability and Health (OMS 2011)
The CIF is used in this case as a base to evaluate the competences of the disabled workers in order to try to adapt and macht it with the required in the labour market.
The main point of this practice is that it stablish a common framework and language for the professionals that deal with laboural inclusion of dissabled people.
It is also very important that provides a sofware that help both laboural counselors and Human Resources responsibles to improve employment options of disabled people.

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