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Document Typology: Conference
Target groups: Health Workers,Policy Maker and Administrators
country Where It Took Place: Slovakia
Name of compiler: Juraj Dúbrava
name of institution: TRANSFER Slovensko, s.r.o.
role: project manager
language Of The Description: English
title: The conference - the future of social services in the Slovak Republic
description Of The Best Practice:
The conference - the future of social services in Slovakia was held in Bratislava on 25.10.2011, and it was organized by the Association of social service providers SR under the auspices of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour Jozef Mihal. At the conference 13 speakers gave presentations with key contributions to the functioning of social services in Slovakia, their current status and future prospects. At the conference spoke the greatest experts and practitioners in social and nursing care in Slovakia. William Palenik taught by LTC (long term care) in Slovakia, its financing and other parameters in the context of the project, Ancient (Assessing Needs of Care In European Nations). Milada Dobrotkova, President of the Association had a post on - Social Services are presentation of state and local governments, Martin Halas - Questions of the Law on Social Services, Dominik Garaj - The future of social services in Slovakia, Magdalena Veselská - Analysis of costs and sources of funding for social services in Slovakia. Helena Woleková - the future of social work in the wider context of personal social services, Bozena Kováčová - Long-term vision of sustainability of social services and the like.
The result of the conference are 13 contributions, which are available on the website of the Association. All these contributions are essential to further discussion on the future of social services provided in SR by Ministry of work, higher territorial units, towns and villages, with each change of the Law on social services in Slovakia, which will now be ammended by the new government starting from June 2012. This new left governement will not basically changed this politics in social services system in Slovakia. Much more competences in this field will be teken on regions, municipalities and private providers in social systems. But new governement will support people with very low income and people which are in very bad social situation - all which are not able to pay for your own social services yourself or family is not able to help your old relatives.
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The conference was rated very highly and has been for a long time one of the key, which shifted the debate on social services within the material plane solutions to these problems. Conference is a key point for a new governemenet in social work problems, give many new opinions, perpectives and suggestions for the planning, supporting and what is the most important to create a new social system in Slovakia with a nwe financial posibilities to finance this social system what is very expensive for old people and especially for regions governements and for municipalities.

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