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Best Practice

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Document Typology: Real case
Target groups: Health Workers,Caregivers,Patients,Policy Maker and Administrators
country Where It Took Place: Italy
Name of compiler: Sabrina Grigolo
name of institution: Gradenigo Hospital
role: Project Manager
language Of The Description: English
title: Therapeutic alliance: synergy between health care operators and family to nurse the weak person
description Of The Best Practice:
The DON GNOCCHI Foundation was established in Turin in 1985. It operates following regional instructions and guidelines. Since 1998 this path has been integrated with agreement protocols with the ASL. It spreads in the urban area and the first neighbouring area. To access the services: not being able to walk or moving by ordinary means of carrying. The project aims to implement therapeutic alliance pathways conceived as the sharing of goals and the procedures to reach them, between the rehabilitating team, the patient and the family. At the basis there is a therapeutic agreement as the written formalisation of such alliance through the sharing of the project.
The main results are: the alliance to reach the common goal within the team, where the family and the patient play an important role; the embrace of the illness and sharing of the therapeutic project
Quality indicators:
Use of citizens narrative descriptions in order to improve the healthcare services
The citizen plays an important role within the care project. His expectations, needs, his personal factors are an important element that should be taken into account in planning his rehabilitation.
This project passes from “to cure rarely” to treat often and care always.
The project is a great example of good practice within the continuity hospital-territory where the cooperation between public hospitals and private providers represent an important element for the effectiveness of the full care system.
The introduction of the families happens within an integrated team in which the public institution and private organization share goals, activities and evaluation of the results.

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