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Document Typology:
Target groups: Caregivers,Patients
country Where It Took Place: Italy
Name of compiler: Sabrina Grigolo
name of institution: Gradenigo Hospital
role: Project Manager
language Of The Description: English
title: Buba’s smiling to make others smile
description Of The Best Practice:
Buba’s smiling is a voluntary association born from a dramatic event that involved the Busana family. Alessia was a 25 years old girl who died of pulmonary cancer.
Her story allowed creating an association to support projects related to oncologic diseases. Her friends and her family are the first supporters of the Association.
Fund raising for a multimedia room for the health care staff of Molinette hospital (COES); support to the Families Protection project and palliative cares at home of the association SAMCO
Quality indicators:
Use of citizens narrative descriptions in order to improve the healthcare services
The activities of the association are a plain proof of the need and importance of involving citizens in the improvement of health care services. Thanks to the results achieved from the widespreading activities by the Association, it has been possible to maintain the existing services active and built new realities which are useful for the health care system.
The association represents a best practice because it has implemented the social cohesion in the area of Settimo through its activities. The new project of the Association aims, through simple actions, at returning a smile to children with pathologic disease living in the area of Settimo

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