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Best Practice

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Document Typology: Real case
Target groups: Health Workers,Caregivers,Patients
country Where It Took Place: Italy
Name of compiler: Sabrina Grigolo
name of institution: Gradenigo Hospital
role: Project Manager
language Of The Description: English
title: For smallers
description Of The Best Practice:
It arises from the persistence of chronic degenerative diseases, the alteration of the perception of care need and assistance, the need of interdisciplinary actions, the need of a more attentive sensitiveness as regard as quality aspects of care, the poorness of given responses and the difficulty to access the services.
The goals are:
Ensuring the psychophysical, relational and social well-being; coming out of isolation; giving back opportunities of “normality”, offering listening, to support families, mediate and facilitate relationships.
Educational and care interventions, nurses and Nursing Aides Creation of social and medical records Operating agreement Establishment of check-lists
Quality indicators:
Use of citizens narrative descriptions in order to improve the healthcare services
The involvement of parents of seriously ill children allowed the detection of interventions aimed to respond to their needs. Narratives and the active listening created a greater serenity and harmony within the team care
The project had a high recognition from citizens even if not directly involved. The visibility of the results and the concrete possibility of intervention with non onerous activities made this project a best practice in the area of Settimo

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