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Document Typology: Real case
Target groups: Health Workers,Caregivers,Patients,Policy Maker and Administrators
country Where It Took Place: Italy
Name of compiler: Sabrina Grigolo
name of institution: Gradenigo Hospital
role: Project Manager
language Of The Description: English
title: Medullary lesion ICF Project Core Set
description Of The Best Practice:
The project was presented by the ASO CTO of Regione Piemonte. It was developed within the CTO hospital Unipolar Spinal Unit and is part of a transnational European research for the validation of ICF core set about medullary lesion. On the website the partnership and all the phases of the project are described.
32 articles about the validation process of medullary lesion ICF core set have been published
Quality indicators:
Use of tools of International Classifications of Functioning, disability and Health (OMS 2011)
This project represents an important step to develop the use of ICF in the clinic care context
The results obtained from the validation process confirm the need to invest much more on training and validation of tools for the use of ICF. Some critical conditions are still existent and require an improvement by research international groups

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