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Document Typology: Article
Target groups: Health Workers,Caregivers,Patients,Policy Maker and Administrators,Students
country Where It Took Place: Poland
Name of compiler: dr n. med. Jacek Kabziński
name of institution: Akademia Humanistyczno – Ekonomiczna w Łodzi
role: Partner
language Of The Description: English
description Of The Best Practice:
The author is one of the pioneers of medicine and narrative therapy in Poland. The first part of his article focuses on the author's personal experience as being both a person who is learning how to use narrative therapy, as well as conducting courses on this subject. The second part is devoted to discussion of the general directions of narrative therapy in Poland. This article raises the question of potential obstacles. It also contains ideas for the application of the idea of narrative medicine in Poland.
The author presents rather a collection of personal reflections and thoughts on narrative therapy than systematic analysis of its development in Poland, but due to the personal nature of the article it represents a high value, especially for those who have not previously come into contact with the narrative medicine.

The objective of this article is to familiarize people with the issue of narrative therapy. In Poland this approach is quite new and many health carers and patients do not know anything about it. Parallel result is a consolidation of environment in Poland and the implementation of ideas for the development of narrative therapy in Poland. An important aspect seems to be the transition from the academic approach to narrative therapy to make it on a large scale in practice. The positive tone of the article presents a narrative therapy as an innovative proposal that could potentially enhance the practice and serve as a counterpoint to the normative models.
Quality indicators:
Use of means of narrative medicine
The Quality Indicator chosen for this practise is: Use of means of narrative medicine.
The author promotes the use of all resources used in the medical narrative.
Poland still offers plenty of opportunities for further development of narrative therapy. The advantage of this situation is that the new person in the territory of narrative therapy can be more curious to question the assumptions of this approach, to challenge its main representatives, and thus offer a fresh perspective. On the other hand, more experienced colleagues create a favorable environment to support further development of this approach. Therefore, such articles, both to promoting the idea of narrative medicine, among those who have not yet come into contact with the subject as well as among those already operating in this area are urgently needed. The ideas of narrative medicine should also be available to patients, it would be a good idea if they knew about such approach.

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