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Document Typology: Article
Target groups: Health Workers,Caregivers,Policy Maker and Administrators,Students
country Where It Took Place: Poland
Name of compiler: dr n. med. Jacek Kabziński
name of institution: Akademia Humanistyczno – Ekonomiczna w Łodzi
role: Partner
language Of The Description: English
title: "Education of empathetic doctors" - four-part series of articles
description Of The Best Practice:
A series of articles under the theme "Education of empathetic doctors" examines the current state of medical staff education in Poland. It draws particular attention to the need to consider in the process of teaching empathy, communication and understanding for the patient. Medical studies should provide situations for students to know their own thoughts and emotional reactions, and in-depth reflection on the situation of confrontation with illness and suffering of the patient. Medical studies should also help in understanding the patient's experience and sdevelop empathic communication. Teaching methods based on learning by experience appears to be effective in achieving these goals. The series of articles include:
- Overview of the methods
- Familiarizing students with the situation of the patient
- Contact of the students with literature, theater, film and art
- Development of skills
The result of the campaign is drawing attention to the empathic medical education and to increase awareness of the need for this type of practice in the medical environment. The best example is the creation, probably to some extent due to the campaign, units such as the Department of Bioethics and Humanities. To raise awareness in the academic environment results in modifying the curriculum, in which are included issues of empathy, contact and communication with the patient. Young students of medicine from the beginning of their education, aware of the fact that treatment is not just an impersonal process but first of all accepting another man, his problems and his feelings, in the future will be better doctors.
Quality indicators:
Use of means of narrative medicine
A series of articles which aim to encourage the use of any methods that can induce empathy and all behaviours associated with it which can incorporate the measures used in medical narrative.
The articles are important part of reaching out to scientists and the wider academic community. Authors decided not only for a basic treatment of the subject, but a broad analysis described in four articles, which resulted in the publication cycle. This allowed for a comprehensive and thorough examination of the topic. The cycle is one of the few which deals with issues of narrative medicine in Poland, so the more we should appreciate that it is on a very high level. Being published in Medical journal significantly increases the prestige of publication, and guarantees access to the ideas propagated to the target audience.

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