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Case Studies

From this section it is possible to access to a database of case studies of experiences of health assistance. The case studies are organized in the searchable database below. Please notice that the case studies are available in the original languages and in English.


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Document Language
Life Experience English
Cognitive Disease English
Disabled young man English
Going Out English
Today at school I had a problem English
Moses English
back pain English
Case Study 1: The story of Carmen English
Studiu de caz 1: Povestea lui Carmen Romanian
Case Study 2: The story of Lacramioara English
Studiu de caz 2: Povestea Lacramioarei Romanian
Case Study 3: The story of Florentina English
Studiu de caz 3: Povestea Florentinei Romanian
Case Study 4: The story of Alexandra English
Studiu de caz 4: Povestea Alexandrei Romanian
Case Study 5: The story of Camelia English
Studiu de caz 5: Povestea Cameliei Romanian
Story of Laimute English
To live too English
Kai meilė nustumia ligą į šalį Lithuanian
Multiple sclerosis has many good effects English
Laimutes istorija Lithuanian
Albino istorija Lithuanian
Išsėtinė sklerozė turi daug gerųjų pasekmių Lithuanian
Improvement the standard of care English
Albinas story English
Kaip pasiekti geresniu paslaugu standartu? Lithuanian
Monica GrandMa English
Mister G diabetes story Italian
Cristina Mom Italian
Franco's wife Italian
Fabrizio's Dad English
Lucia English
Matteo English
Oggi a scuola ho avuto un problema Italian
Interdisciplinarietà: utopia o percorso possibile? Italian
Antonio and Sabrina English
Antonio e Sabrina Italian
Mosè Italian
Experiencia Vital Spanish
Cuidando al Cuidador Spanish
Joven Disapacitado Spanish
Salida Spanish
Alessandra English
Alessandra Italian
La mamma di Cristina English
Il papà di Fabrizio Italian
La moglie di Franco English
La storia del Signor G. con il diabete English
La nonna di Monica Italian
Caring for the Patient in Coma Vigilans English
Ann and Her Arts English
John and His Garden English
Anna a jej umenie Slovak
Starostlivosť o pacienta v bdelej kóme Slovak
Ján a jeho záhrada Slovak
Retired and Ill Order Sister English
Chorá rádová sestra Slovak
Elderly Dementia and Family English
Starecká demencia a rodina Slovak
Case Study 1 Polish
Case Study 2 Polish
Case Study 3 Polish
Case Study 4 Polish
Case Study 5 Polish
Case Study 1 English
Case Study 2 English
Case Study 3 English
Case Study 4 English
Case Study 5 English
Alzheimer English