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Language: English
Context: In the street.
Title of document: Disabled young man
Name of compiler: CECE
Actors involved: Carer and Patient
Description of the experience:
A disabled youn man that need a wheelchair to move. He worked out of home but he was not able to move there without help.
The carer helped him going forth and back his office and the used public transportation.
One day the wheelchair broke, and they needed to arrange an odd job to repair the wheelchair and to go back home.
The carer stress the necesity of having a stablished protocol for those ocasions.
Means and Strategy:
The carer acted instinctively and always in acordance with the user and having to use common hardware, not specific orthopedic hardware.
The carer is concerned about those cases and the necessity of a protocol to solve them. It is at the stake the safety and health of the user.
Name of Institution:

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