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Language: English
Context: Care Institution for Cognitive diseases
Title of document: Going Out
Name of compiler: CECE
Actors involved: Litle group of users and their carers
Description of the experience:
The activities developed with them try to be done in a as normalized as possible enviroment. In an ocasion they went out. A user has a problem with sudden noises (storms, fireworks, balloons exploiting...), darkness.
During the outing at the park he was feeling increasingly nervous and needed to be calm down.
It is important to know how to handle this kind of situations because it happens that there is what is called emotional contagion and the whole group can be affected. In those cases it will be really hard to handle the situation.
Means and Strategy:
To stay calm, to know the patients and to try to avoid emotional contagion.
Stay calm and knowing the patiens and their circumstances can be the key in a given moment.
Name of Institution:

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