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Language: English
Context: Carmen is taking care of her mother aged 61 who was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago and still faces some problems of coping with the disease. 3 years later her mother also started to have kidney problems. The situation happened at the nearest hospital from their home.
Title of document: Case Study 1: The story of Carmen
Name of compiler: Constantin Musteaţă
Actors involved: Carmen and her mother; doctor at the emergency
Description of the experience:
Carmen had an unpleasant experience when she brought her mother to the emergency. She was seen by the doctor on call who had a rather peculiar behavior with both the patient and the carer. The doctor refused to listen to the patient and avoided talking with the carer. This behavior led to a wrong diagnosis that later was also confirmed to be wrong.
The same doctor had an inappropriate behavior with all patients from emergency.
To describe Carmen’s story and the lack of communication between the patient and its doctor
Means and Strategy:
The communication between the patient and its carer with the doctor was poor leading to a wrong diagnosis.
Both the patient and the carer realized from the beginning that the diagnosis was wrong and therefore tried to get support from somebody else.
The communication between doctors and patients is vital from the beginning. The doctor should have a deep discussion with its patient and carer and to first try to have a preliminary diagnosis based on the symptoms told and then make a consultation that would lead to the final diagnosis. The communication should be bilateral, formal, friendly, concise and to the point. The future relationship between the doctor and its patient will depend completely on their communication.
Name of Institution: CECMA
Role: Trainer

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