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Language: English
Context: Lacramioara works as a nurse at the hospital. She has 8 years of experience and met a lot of cases. One case in particular was the case of a young girl who because of depression ingested toxic substances.
Title of document: Case Study 2: The story of Lacramioara
Name of compiler: Gabriel Saulescu
Actors involved: Lacramioara- the nurse and the patient
Description of the experience:

Lacramioara was very much impressed by the case of a young girl who ingested toxic substances as a result of a depression.

When she came to the hospital she refused to ingest the neutralizing substances and to take the infusions. The nurse tried to talk to her and explain that nothing and nobody in this world worth to make such a gesture, that a real believer fights for his life and doesn`t quit so easy. Finally she realized that she made a mistake and she accepted to take the treatment and they remained close friends.
To describe the experience of Lacramioara and the case of a patient with whom she has a good relationship
Means and Strategy:
The communication between the patient and the nurse was positive as the nurse offered the patient advice and comfort words from which the patient felt supported and therefore medication was received.
Psychological support is highly needed in case of some patients. Most of them refuse medication and therefore is difficult to treat. So using the proper communication tools and establishing a connection with the patient by motivating him, offering hope will increase the chances to receive medication and for the patient’s state to improve quicker.
Name of Institution: CECMA
Role: Researcher

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