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Language: English
Context: Florentina is a nurse with 5 years of experience within the same hospital and she is also working as a home health care assistant. She was in charge of taking care of patients within the gastroenterology section. She has been taking care of a man aged 68 for 2 years at the patient’s home and the patient appreciated her support given.
Title of document: Case Study 3: The story of Florentina
Name of compiler: Gabriel Saulescu
Actors involved: Florentina- the nurse and the patient
Description of the experience:
Florentina tells about her relationship with one of her patients that she was treating him at home from gastric cancer. At one point the patient suffered an upper gastrointestinal bleeding. The nurse called the ambulance and accompanied him to the emergency. She supervised him during his hospitalization and she permanently took care of him because he needed to rest.

To describe the experience of Florentina and the close relationship with her patient
Means and Strategy:
The relationship between Florentina and her patient is positive based on trust and open communication.
Because of this open communication, the patient feels the entire time safe even in emergency situations.
When communication is positive and the patient is getting closer to his carer the relationship develops from a patient- carer relationship to a patient- trustable person, part of family. When this trust is developed, the patient accepts treatment, he is more relaxed, his positive behaviour towards treatment helps him progress and overcome easily any problems.
Name of Institution: CECMA
Role: Researcher

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