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Language: English
Context: Alexandra is taking care of her mother that suffers from diabetes type 1 with dependence to insulin. She has been suffering from this illness for 3 years and she is adjusting quite difficult as her peripheral circulation is affected and she feels pain every time she moves. She is being taken care of by a doctor.
Title of document: Case Study 4: The story of Alexandra
Name of compiler: Gabriel Saulescu
Actors involved: Alexandra- the carer and her mother; the doctor
Description of the experience:

Alexandra describes her story about her mother in pain because of the diabetes she is suffering from. They found at the hospital a doctor that is encouraging and listening to the patient. He is constantly preoccupied with her state as the doctor always makes her all the blood tests in order to adjust the treatment and to be sure the treatment is being effective or not.
The preoccupation of the doctor is considered by the carer to be very much appreciated by the patient and that his behaviour towards the patient is offering a good support to the patient that is improving well.
To describe Alexandra’s situation with her mother and the relationship with her doctor
Means and Strategy:
Communication is effective when the patient is improving and good results are visible. When a patient feels listened and supported also their suffering is alleviated.
The doctor is communicating well with the patient when positive results are visible. Not only communication is important, but also constant preoccupation and high involvement of the doctor towards the patient’s state.
Name of Institution: CECMA
Role: Researcher

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