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Language: English
Context: Camelia is working as a nurse for 16 years old. Meeting so many people and having so many patients she considered herself quite experienced. But in the last 4 years she moved to a medical unit that is specialized in treating young people with mental problems and integrating them into society. One case of a young boy really impressed her.
Title of document: Case Study 5: The story of Camelia
Name of compiler: Constantin Musteaţă
Actors involved: Camelia- nurse; patient
Description of the experience:
Virgil was a quiet and a sensitive boy, but in his crises moments he is very violent as he is suffering from a severe mental disease. He had a troubled childhood which had affected him, having also many deficiencies. The medical personnel are able to understand him and to communicate with him, offering him that confidence he needs.
Camelia was personally in charge of helping him and realized how important is to maintain a positive communication with the parents of the child especially when the patient has mental problems.
To describe the experience of Camelia with a young boy who has mental problems
Means and Strategy:
Communication with patients with mental problems needs special training, being able to relate to the others and according to the patient’s need to support them. The communication is maintained more with the patient’s family.
The medical personnel in charge of patients with mental problems need special training to deal with their patients as they need to develop specific communication skills and techniques. Communication in this case is very important and quite relevant as it supports the patient in his way of understanding the world. A relationship between the medical personnel and the family of the patient needs to be established in order for the family to better understand the disease and all the other characteristics.
Name of Institution: CECMA
Role: Trainer

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