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Language: English
Context: Uko is taking care of the Laimute aged 58, she has MS since 2001,Laimute feels the difficulties in walking all the time, sometimes she didnt feel her hands.The situation happened at Laimutes haume
Title of document: Story of Laimute
Name of compiler: Aldona Droseikiene
Actors involved: Laimute and her dog (Uko)
Description of the experience:
Laimute has major health problems since 2001.She has the younger brother(Tom) ,who used to help her every day, but she realized that brother has his own family and she didnt want to be a burden for him,so she dicided to get the service dog.
Now Laima is very happy ,because Uko (The dog) helps her a lot,(he brings her shoes and dresses every morning,he assist her in and out of the shower,then Laima drops the phone, a pen or something else ,Uko picks it up.
To describe the Laimute,s Story and realation with her dog
Means and Strategy:
Servise animal come in many shapes , sizes, and species and perform tasks including but not limited to ,retrieval, support, quiding, alerting to sounds, opening and closing doors, and responding to changes in the physiological, mental , or emontional state of their human partners.Dogs have a special relationship with people and are the best known servise animal
This story is an example that not only people could be a good assistance.
Now Laimute is so happy ,that she has not only a good assistance but and the best friend in the world.
Name of Institution: Lithuania multiple sclerosis union
Role: Project Meneger

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