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Language: English
Context: When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I was about twenty years. The first symptoms of the disease, like many, started early, even at school. It has been some problems with the eyes, then they disappeared and no one did not understand anything. When I was in the Institute, I began to feel that one of the weaker leg. It seemed not important and I forgot. Once I had to go to physical education lessons, but I could not feel my body. I went to the surgeon asking him to prescribe me the treatm
Title of document: Multiple sclerosis has many good effects
Name of compiler: Aldona Droseikiene
Actors involved: Neringa (42 years old female) and psychotherapist
Description of the experience:
Destiny already apparently counts - something away, something brings a great deal. Anatoly Yegorov at the time was the sole psycho therapst at the seaside, which is interested in multiple sclerosis. Now, unfortunately, he went to America. When I got to him and told about my problems, he told me the diagnosis without any research .Just evaluated my symptoms. Diagnosis at that time said nothing to me.I was young and was thinking about some old folks disease.. At that time the information about the disease was not, not where and what to read. '- says Neringa.
Neringa still feels gratitude to the doctor A. Jegorov, he taught the knowledge of the disease and brought the feelings to be courageous, making major life decisions. One of them - the non traditional treatment. 'Previously, there was a multiple sclerosis treatment policy - high doses of hormones, and long-term use. Psycho therapist started by the then little understanding of non-traditional healing methods, and most doctors now recognize the applied treatment. A. Jegerovas worked abroad, had a broader view. He examined the cause of the disease, trying to find out what is happening in the body. He always said, if you worsen, look for the reason why this happened. If you will find the cause, you know what you need to handle '- the doctor's advice Neringa remembers to this day and advises others to respect it. The childbirth to Neringa became severe psychological trauma. Neringa not comprehend of the loss, hardly accepted it. She could not imagine her life without children. Another pregnancy and childbirth fear.
She again turned to the doctor asking to work with her body and muscles which must be intensified.
Neringa discovered the meaning of life by helping her doctor to fully trust and carry out all his instructions, even if they contravene traditional medicine
""Now all I can advise you never need to say, do something with a better feel. Need to live this day, nor due to illness or other reasons, do not put off living for tomorrow, "- says Neringa.
Means and Strategy:
The presence of the Neringa and her relationships with psycho therapist was fundamental in order to improve the quality of life and to become a mother
I think that this story is an example that all comes back to do work: work with yourself,your body and spirit. You have to listen to yourself and to rely on the specialist who trusts in your efforts to defeat the disease.
Name of Institution: Lithuanian multiple sclerosis Union
Role: Manager

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