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Language: English
Context: Albinas was diagnosed with MS on October 27, 2010. It was a bittersweet day for himself and his family. They finally had answer as to what was wrong with him for the past 10 years. No, he really didn't want to have MS, but in the same breath, he also didn't want to continue life thinking he was crazy.
Title of document: Albinas story
Name of compiler: Aldona Droseikiene
Actors involved: Albinas (patient with MS ) and Jurga ( caregiver)
Description of the experience:
Six years ago Albinas became blind in one eye, he has trouble in walking, doctors diagnosed him of multiple sklerosis.When he have heard this- his life became turned upside down. He lost his job, arose family problems and the lack of money. Albinas had not strenght to do anything,came depression, he could not recognise of his disability.
Life was meaningless as long as in the Albina,s life did not become a nurse Jurga.She is the major contributor from the time when he was diagnosed with MS.Jurga taught him how to live with his illness, she became his soul mate.He always listens for her advices.
Life gone a little slow.Last year Jurga started a walk team because Albinas no longer wish for himself or his fellow MSers to wake up each day not knowing what the day will bring.
Means and Strategy:
The presence of Albinas and Jurga is fundamental in order to improve the quality of Albinas life .
Despite the difficulties, Albinas found it is easier when he knows his limitations and live knowing that they exist. Every morning, he get up, does his exercise, yoga, breathing, shower, dress and come downstairs to the kitchen to take his supplements, pills and the works.
AND EVERYWHERE Albinas FEELS WARM SMILE,ADVICE AND SUPPORT from his carer Jurga,who already lives together.
Jurga also is very happy by the attention,which Albinas shows to her.They both learn from each other ,share the optimism and together they improve their knowledges
Name of Institution: Lithuanian multiple sclerosis union
Role: manager

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