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Language: English
Context: Itay
Title of document: Monica GrandMa
Name of compiler: Tania
Actors involved: Monica Zampolini is the nephew and the parent is the GrandMa
Description of the experience:
I lived with my grandmother the last years of her life and her illness. It was initially a health worker,for an hour a week, to monitor the situation and see the progression of the Alzheimer’s disease..
Subsequently, following a stroke (ictus) that has stopped her motor skills, she was hospitalized for a period in hospital and then to a rehabilitation centre. When she returned home she started to walk again but it was necessary to put a catheter, so the nurses had to come once a month to replace it.
Because of Alzheimer she had hallucinations, forgot things and had a distorted perception of reality. She did not sleep at night, screaming, trying to get out of bed and, at times, became aggressive.
It happened very often that she tears the catheter at night because it hurt so it was necessary to call the duty doctor or the nurses of the ASL (local health authority).
A few years before the doctor had put a pacemaker and, moreover, she was diabetic and blind because of diabetes that had ruined the retina in both eyes.
Me or my mom attended to make her insulin twice a day. In the terminal period she would not get up out of bed and had necessitated the use of an anti-decubitus mattress, which had supplied us with the ASL.
The movements also occurred in the wheelchair provided by the ASL. When she stopped speaking altogether, eating and drinking was hospitalized for dehydration. The doctors did not realize that she was diabetic and did not make her insulin before feeding her so she started to feel sick and then they decided to give her a high dose of insulin with the result that was even worse and the day after she died
The focus is the presence of the three generation (grandma, mother, daughter).
Means and Strategy:
Monica when started taking care of her Grandma was very young and this experience modified also her relationship with her mother
In Italy usually women are people who are involved in taking care of relatives with pathologies.
In this experience we have 3 generations of women who collaborate together
Name of Institution: Cipes
Role: cooordinator

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