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Language: Italian
Context: Middle age man with diabetes
Title of document: Mister G diabetes story
Name of compiler: Tania
Actors involved: A man
Description of the experience:

I'm almost 26 years that I have insulin dependent diabetes. When they diagnosed me as an adult, I had to rearrange my thoughts, and part of my life: some biological functions such as eating and drinking, and my future and my health, since they would be in my hands . It's true for everyone, but the great body of automation give you incredible freedom, hide the truth and allow a sense of omnipotence. Every day, early in the morning, I wonder where I eat today? What time? What? How? Abroad, especially in certain countries, I will find a balanced food? How much calories? And carbohydrates? And, if necessary, the sugars? I take insulin? How much I have to do with it? In winter, the mountains, you must be careful that does not freeze, summer is not too hot. If I do sports or demanding task awaits me I have to equip myself and unexpected things can find me unprepared.
The first time I read and studied with attention and all-encompassing concern. I also risked and done stupid things. Then, little by little, over the years has become a constant lateral thinking. Sometimes I wake up at night because I forgot to take the evening dose, but also to leave the house without insulin. And if I get the rush of hypoglycemia try sugars, waiting to pass, I fear more. I fear the passing years and old age because, however, the disease, the daily struggle leaves its marks.
The personal point of view of a man with a chronic disease
Means and Strategy:
The narrative experience is focused on the daily experience of a man with diabetes, the limits related to food, travels and also relations
It is very interesting analyzing the personal point of view of a person affected with a pathology that will never improve
Name of Institution: Cipes Piemonte
Role: Coordinator

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