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Language: Italian
Context: Cuneo next to Turin
Title of document: Cristina Mom
Name of compiler: Tania
Actors involved: Daughter and Mom
Description of the experience:
Experience describes the relationship between a daughter and a mother suffering from cancer and who underwent three surgeries.
This experience has psychologically destroyed both: the daughter and the mother who has fallen into a state of major depression on their daily life and not just the contingency of the disease.
The experience well describes the relation between disease, working life and family life. The continuing stressing situation relating to the pathology involve non only the patient but all the family.
Means and Strategy:
The importance of the role of nurses and the role of empathy in the relation with the patient and with her family
It is a very interesting narrative history that mix together the role of nurses, the possible case of bad surgery and the psychological aspects related to this.
Name of Institution: Cipes Piemonte
Role: Coordinator

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