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Language: Italian
Context: Milan (Italy)
Title of document: Franco's wife
Name of compiler: Tania
Actors involved: Husband is the relative involved, his wife the patient
Description of the experience:
Experience twofold. On the one hand the concerns, fears, for a loved one in danger of dying after suffering a severe disability is not only physical but also psychological. A newspaper trying to relieve suffering pains and worries, behavioral and physical limitations because nearly all the time she spent in bed in the gloom
On the other hand I had to handle, and I do not feel up to it, the relationship between this situation and two daughters aged 10 and 7 years. Aware of her mother's illness, but not so much to want to radically change habits, desires, needs, games, sounds. In short, difficult to manage a limit (the disease), which in turn generates limits to those who should not have them (teenage girls). Stand in the middle was not easy and maybe I did not succeed too well. Then a pain that persists for inadequacy.

The role of the caregiver inside the family. The presence of a Mom with disease and two adolescent daughters involve Dad (the caregiver) in a chronic sense of inadequacy
Means and Strategy:
The position adopted by the caregiver is staying in the middle between the suffering wife and the desires of two young daughters.
Also today, after 20 years, the caregiver, remembers that life persiod as one of the most stressful in his life
The caregiver was alone to face his wife disease with two daughters.
No one could help him, the idea to be alone is very stressful
Name of Institution: Cipes Piemonte
Role: Coordinator

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