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Language: English
Context: Lucia was norn prematurely, but no one suspected anything until, at 7 months, she started to have spasms, and we started a rapid descent toward a previously unknown existence filled with desperation and anguish. The situations happened in hospital and in homecare.
Title of document: Lucia
Name of compiler: Sabrina Grigolo
Actors involved: Daughter and mom
Description of the experience:
Lucy has major health problems since birth. Firstly for the parents it is not easy to face this disability but afterwards they would like, there fixed time tables to talk with the doctors. The anger is born and grows beacuse of indifference, bureaucracy, procedures for operators and, above all, very detached relationship that professionals have towards parents and disabled children.
describe the Lucia's Story and relation with healthcare workers.
Means and Strategy:
The presence of the family was fundamental in order to improve the quality of Lucia's life. Parents' force of will in taking care of their daughter against public institutions' recommendations.
This story is an example of an important rule for life: the parents' force of will in taking care of their daughter, the strong relationship of father and mother, being strong on defending our own decisions against public institutions are fundamental to be useful for a disable daughter and the development of her identity
Name of Institution: Gradenigo Hospital
Role: Project Manager

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