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Language: English
Context: Turin and when Matteo went back to school...
Title of document: Matteo
Name of compiler: Sabrina Grigolo
Actors involved: Matteo and mom
Description of the experience:
Matteo and giorgia were born perfectly healthy and beantiful. Everything went along fine until Matteo turned 8 years old. The summer of that year, during a vacation at the sea, something started to change. Our son was strange, listless, "in the clouds"; changes so slight, though, that only a mother would notice. These symptoms were so subtle that it seemed ridiculous to take him to the doctor. After the summer vacation, we came back home and Matteo went back to school. I decided to take him to the pediatrician, who, thinking that his hearing was at the bottom of it, had me take him to be tested. Since these first exams revealed nothing, we were encouraged to do more extensive testing, which however, could find no problems.
To understande which problems has Matteo
Means and Strategy:
The reality was that, with every passing day, Matteo was getting worse: vision, hearing, speaking; every day there was something else. It was at this point, seeing the situation getting ever worse, that the doctors decided to consider what I now held to be certain (that there was a connection with my brother's illness) and to do some specific tests. Unfortunately, these showed that we were dealing with adrenoleukodystrophy, also know as "lorenzo's disease"
If our life today is a bit different I also owe it to the work and the care of the doctors of the "Bambino Gesù" hospital in Rome, who are now following my son. This Hospital has an exceptional, humane atmosphere, characterized by fantastic doctors and staff. I have seen them do just about everything: laugh, cry, and most of all fight to the end to try to save the lives of their patients.
Name of Institution: Gradenigo Hospital
Role: Project Manager

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