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Language: English
Context: Therapeutist and client in home care institution
Title of document: Ann and Her Arts
Name of compiler: Stefania Hrivnakova
Actors involved: Therapeutist and the client
Description of the experience:
Ann was born with partial impairement of limbs - Qadriparesis. She is wheelchaired and she likes to paint. Ann had several small exhibitions in various social venets.
She is now inspired by her therapeutist to have her arts and paintings exhibited in larger galleries in he rcountry and also in famous galleries and exhibitions halls in Prague.
Ann had made the list of 10 institutions and therapeutist assist her in making appointments and contract with these institutions.
To develop the artistic skills in home care client. To include the client into society.
Means and Strategy:
Inspiring and assisting the cleint to achieve the appointments and contracts with galleries.
It is important that he clients' capabilities i are revealed and develop in home care and that the the client is included in society in full extent.
Name of Institution: Transfer Slovensko
Role: Observer

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