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Language: English
Context: Nursing home leadership and patient
Title of document: John and His Garden
Name of compiler: Stefania Hrivnakova
Actors involved: patient and director of nursing home
Description of the experience:
In 2001 John was diagnosed the Bechterew’s disease with more and more increasing stiffness of backbone, what caused that John had to come to the nursing caritas house with his backbone bended in 90 angle in 2005 in his eighties.
Despite the pains John has suffered, he wanted to do something useful as he was doing this in his previous life as brother in Jesuit order taking care for community. Because of the habit to support and assist, he could not live passive life. He has asked leadership for permission to change the grass field and cultivate it for growing field to grow fruits and vegetables. In his 80-ties he started to take care of garden 30x30 meters large. Director of nursing home agreed and the rest zone was replaced next to the John’s garden and new bower garden house was built for other eledrly in house with nice look on the surrounding trees and – the John’s garden.
John grows cabbage, carrots, parsley, kohlrabi, red beet, onions and also strawberries, red and black currants in his field. Spring and summer time is time when one can find John in his garden from very early morning almost whole day – planting and digging, watering…
The crops then go to nursing house kitchen or on the table of the friends and sisters who are in nursing house.
From the onset of the disease John lives happy life despite the disease. He is all the time happy and smiling and his sense of duty gives him sense of life. He gives optimism and his love to gardening is contagious and he even gives advice to families visitors of nursing home.
To give sense of life to the seriously ill and elderly patient.
Means and Strategy:
Rearranging the rest zone and create the small garden.
It is important that the patient used to busy and caring life has the possibility to continue and to listen to his needs and be prepared to do minor rearrangement for the sake of patient.
Name of Institution: Transfer Slovensko
Role: Observer

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