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Language: English
Context: Ill sister in home care for elderly orders sisters
Title of document: Retired and Ill Order Sister
Name of compiler: Lenka Kisilová
Actors involved: home care sister and patient - ill convent sister
Description of the experience:
Home care sister makes easier the bad feeling of elederly ill convent sister in home care institution. She invites sister to speak about her life and duties. The ill convent sister - Františka - depicts how she entered the convent in 1948. The years that followe vere bad, communist regime overtook the property of convent, sisters were forced to worki in hospitals and were not permitted to wear the habits. Frantiska worked in orthopaedic hospital and hospital for aviation. She was replaced in two yers 7 times. Among the places she worked in institution for tuberculosis, the sisters however were not paid for the service, they received only food for the service and work they provided. Almost for 12 years the sister was paid only pocket money and then in small institution where she was working, somebody was brave enough to arrange the social security payment, but she had to work in the garden and then taking care for farm animals. When the times were better, she worked in hospital for children. Sister Frantiska has changed her position approximately 26 times and she worked in 26 towns and villages all around Slovakia taking care for various patients in hospitals, and working manually in the gardens and taking care for animals in the farms. When she speaks about her experience she is calm and loving, no signs of hatred or compaint for the hardship. All what she made was service she was called to do. Františka has bad feeling that now because of ill health and age she cannot serve anymore and others have to take care of her. Home care sister listen to her story attentively and explains that now they are in position of care...In this discussion she answered the doubts and bad feelings of sister and builds her selfconfidence on what she has done in her life.
To relieve bad feeling of the patient who needs the care.
Means and Strategy:
Communication and listenning the patient, pointing out the merits in the life of patient.
It is important that the active patients who needs the assistance and care are settled in new situation and that they have the feeling of self-worthy and self-confidence.
Name of Institution: Charitný domov Smolenice
Role: Home care sister

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