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Language: English
Context: working with upset family when grand mother needed to be given to home care instituation
Title of document: Elderly Dementia and Family
Name of compiler: Štefánia Hrivňáková
Actors involved: two family members home care sister
Description of the experience:
Grand mother and mother who was always the most wise member of family in her 85 was developed elderly dementia, forgetting the immediate experience, changing the usage of various objects and tools. The family had to place the grand mother into home care institution to have 24 hours care.
The sister found the two family members -daughter and granddaughter upset with the situation. After the grandomther was hospitalized, she had the conversation with two family memebrs moving them from complete desparation to accept the new situation and since the members were upset by giving grandmother to instituation, she promissed that they can visit her each day an tought them how to take care and small care activities to be active in caring and also bringing the grandmother the feeling of home. During the weekend grand mother was taken to the family.
To help family memebrs deal with new situation and act in new situation.
Means and Strategy:
Discussion, calming down the depression nad explaining new situation and the new context context, teaching the caring activities.
It is important to help the family members from the shock of new situation in the outbreak ofdesease to close family member.
Name of Institution: Transfer Slovensko
Role: Family member of the patient

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