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Language: English
Context: The experience was described by Barbarę Walkowska (health carer) and it took place in the Centre of Rehabilitation and Welfare in Lodz.
Title of document: Case Study 3
Name of compiler: Jolanta Szukalska
Actors involved: The author of the study case and wife of the patient who died.
Description of the experience:
The author of the case study had a difficult task, she had to offer support and psychological help to woman who was suffering after her husband’s unexpected death.
The aim was to get back the emotional balance of the family of the deceased, in this case patient’s wife.
Means and Strategy:
The author of the study case through her actions (taking care of the patient in the last days, conversations, being with the family) made it easier for the woman who lost her husband to accept the tragedy, which undoubtedly was the hardest thing that happened in her life so far.
The author would like to gain knowledge of tanatology and psychology, in order to be able to give psychological support.
Name of Institution: Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi
Role: Partner

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