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Language: English
Context: The author of the narrative – Mr. Marek is one of the patients in one of the health care centres in Lodz, where he was placed because of poor health and lack of care on the part of his family.
Title of document: Case Study 5
Name of compiler: Jolanta Szukalska
Actors involved: Mr. Marek and other patients.
Description of the experience:
Mr. Marek points out the therapeutic role of being part of a community. He undoubtedly is one of the most “popular” permanent patients in the centre.
The purpose was to find the meaning of life and to find a place in the group.
Means and Strategy:
Mr. Marek, among other patients and health carers, is called „handyman”, he has a talent for ma king different decorations, he also sings in the choir, he performs with the theatre group. Through all those action he has gained the sense of being needed. Despite his poor health condition he is always trying to be an active member of the community.
Mr. Marek, very often and very willingly helps other patients, who in a very nice way show him their gratitude. It gives him the sense of being needed.
Name of Institution: Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi
Role: Partner

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