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Language: English
Context: Familair
Title of document: Alzheimer
Name of compiler: CECE
Actors involved: Husband, carer, daughters and sons
Description of the experience:
During the last 15 years my mother is suffering Alzheimer. She has passed through all the different phases: aggressive and not aggressive. Luckily she has always my father as a reference, so it helped a lot.
To encourage carers to love their work and experience
Means and Strategy:
We organise a schedule, quite strict, for my mother. Everyone knows what to do and his/her responsibilities. We all know that the most important is to provide love to her.
My mother is "happy" and has not any wound. She continues walking every day and drinking water, because we know how much important is.
At the beginning, my father studied with her geography and singed, to stimulate her brain.
Name of Institution: CECE

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