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Document Typology: Book
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: Caring for the caregivers. What and how to do it.
Name of author(s): Cristina Centeno Soriano
Name of publisher: Formación Alcalá; Alcalá la Real
Language of the publication: Spanish
Language of the review: English
The book is about the agein process and its implications for the care activity. It is focused on elderly diseases and in Alzheimer Disease.
It gives the reader guide and counseling to face the consequences of the carer role.
It is specially centered in the importance of the psicologic support for carers that are continuously under constant stress.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
This book has been selected because of the clarity of its lenguage and the guidance provided.
Where to find it:

Cristina Centeno Soriano
Alcalá la Real (Jaén) : Formación Alcalá, 2004
ISBN: 84-96224-54-6

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