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Document Typology: Newspaper / Magazine article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Sclerosis amyotrophic lateral and narrative medicine
Name of author(s): Olivares Larraguíbel Ladislao
Name of publisher: Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia
Language of the publication: Spanish
Language of the review: English
The article begins describing a good practice in a real case of amniotrofic Lateral Esclerosis. The doctor that has written the article describes how important is to combine Narrative Medicine, based on the desire of knowing the patient, with anecdotic situations. He finds imporant this combination because can help to know better the situation of the patients and the aplicable methods in order to improve their life quality.
There is also a reflection about the communication problems in the scope of the medical sciences.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
This area is very sensitive for the use of the narrative medicine. Amniotrofic Lateral Esclerosis is a disease complicated and this article shows how to deal with some of the multiple aspects of it.
Reading this article one can know about the disease and about the communication issues between doctor and patient.
Where to find it:

Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia
Julio-Agosto, 2009; 10(4): 255-258

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