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Document Typology: Newspaper / Magazine article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Who is listening? The narrative of the patient, chaos and chronicity
Name of author(s): C. Valverde
Name of publisher: Atencion Primaria.
Language of the publication: Spanish
Language of the review: English
The article review the situations lived by patients with cronic diseases and how they need to express what they feel, their sensations and their discomfort. But, the article also explains how it is very difficult for them to explain and narrate all those experiences and feelings in an ordered an logic way. So the article tries to give keys an clues to interpret the narrative of the cronic patient. In this sense the article treats the different methods to read between the lines of those confusing histories, to interpret them to the light of a diferent logic.

Reviewer's comments on the document:
The importance of those methods is due the importance of knowing what is happening with the patient. It is vital because gives family and friends an image and sense of proximity that otherwise they won´t have.
For the health carers it is vital to improve their knowledge of how to interprete the chaos that is present in those narrations. The discomfort that can be attached to a situation of non-understanding because of the chaos of the history, can be overcomed thanks to the use of proper methods. In that moment the professional is able to listen with interest an emphaty and that is the key for acompanying the patient in his/her painful process.
Where to find it:

Atencion Primaria. 2005;36(3):159-61

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