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Document Typology:
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Analysis of a story like care nurse Guide
Name of author(s): Verónica Díaz Sánchez
Name of publisher: scielo
Language of the publication: Spanish
Language of the review: English
"To sensitive towards the heterogeneity of social and cultural logics present in the construction of the experiences of the disease in form of stories. To know the methodology analysis of the story like source of intelligence on the experience of life of the patient. To analyse the experience of a woman affected by a psychiatric process through the presentation of an autobiographical story like resemblance of its process. To identify the different sensible theoretical currents in infirmary from the interpretations that people give to her problems of health.
Methodology: The analysis of the story will be made through the grammar of the text, like system of expectations on the scheme and order of events, in addition to the relations that settle down, seeing its hidden codification.

The nursing care that they defend themselves in this article, only they make sense for the person when they depart from the constant desire to frame them inside the situations of such life and ace they plows represented and they plows lived to their actors. Of there, the importance of knowing tool of analysis of the statements of our patients ace forming of obtaining useful information in the guide of the process nursing care."
Reviewer's comments on the document:
It is true that we have no direct access to the experience of others. We can ask directly or explicitly, but we tend to know more about the experience through the stories they tell us about what has happened to others or her around. The narrative strategy is a way whereby experience is represented and reported. Events are represented by a significant and coherent order, and activities and events are described with experiences associated with a significance that brings them sense to those affected.2 . From there, that each patient shows us his symbolic world through a specific story. Allowing nursing inform and detect the experiences or events which the patient from the present and the projection of their activities and experiences into the future, organizing their desires and strategies teleológicamente, heading for imaginary end or ways to experience their lives or activities seek to achieve. The experience and social activities have, therefore, a complex relationship with the stories that concern.
Where to find it:

DIAZ SANCHEZ, Verónica. Análisis de un relato como guía de cuidado enfermero. Index Enferm [online]. 2007, vol.16, n.56 , pp. 45-49 . Disponible en: <>. ISSN 1132-1296.

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