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Document Typology: Book
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: View of 'Heaven'
Name of author(s): topics/reporter/Craig+Wilson
Name of publisher: USA TODAY Updated 4/21/2011
Language of the publication: English
Language of the review: English
A book about Colton's journey —Heaven Is for Real.
Colton is famous for being the boy who had a near-death experience when he was 4 years old during emergency surgery for a burst appendix. Doctors offered little hope he would survive.Not only did he live, he says he went to heaven during the operation, met Jesus, John the Baptist, his great-grandfather and a sister he didn't even know he had (she was miscarried before he was born), then came back to tell his folks about the trip.
Three things convinced the Burpos their son had gone to heaven: his knowledge of where they were when he was being operated on, his claim that he met a sister he never knew even existed, and his declaration that he met his great-grandfather, a man he never knew but could readily identify later from photographs of the man at a young age. (The good news, Colton says, is that people are younger in heaven; and his miscarried sister was a little girl with a striking family resemblance who introduced herself.) His total time in heaven: three minutes.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
But Colton is very specific about what he saw and heard, right down to what the angels sang to him. "Well, they sang Jesus Loves Me and Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho," he told his parents. Heaven also was filled with bright colors and lots of rainbows.
Excellent writing style makes for easy reading. - I was skeptical about the premise of this book. - Goodreads Heaven is for Real is a very well written page turner. - Goodreads Overall good story with a happy ending. - Goodreads Meh. Firstly, the writing was a mess. - Goodreads great book, love the pictures and details about heaven -
Insight is valuable and gives truth of God's love.
Where to find it: - "Google" kopija - Išversti šį puslapį

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