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Document Typology: Book
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Raising Happy and Confident Children
Name of author(s): Elizabeth Hartley Brewer
Name of publisher: Family Bibliotherapy lib.
Language of the publication: English
Language of the review: English
Every parent wants their child to have good self-esteem. The quiet confidence that self-respect gives is important for children's development, it allows them to try new things, learn new skills, play, love and communicate better. These two books- one for the parents of girls, one for the parents of boys, address differences between boy and girl children. They show parents how they might understand some of the particular challenges and opportunities each gender faces.There are chapters on: helping children to develop inner strength and resist the pressure of peer group demands; managing behaviour in ways that preserve and promote their self-esteem; responding sensitively when children experience set backs; and supporting them as they learn and helping them to reach their goals. The idea of keeping in mind 100 tips could make these books seem like a tall order, but that is not what they recommend and the friendly approach taken is not daunting. The quotes from adults recalling their childhood, and parents recalling worrying times that were overcome, are very reassuring.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
Chapters comprise a short introduction followed by tips on how to go about things. Because of this structure these books are easy to dip into, and contain useful hints for the parents and teachers of children of all ages.
Parents no longer have time to read long books about the theories of parenting. What they want are quick pieces of advice geared to their busy lifestyles and immediate needs. Dr. Jenn comes to the rescue with this fun yet useful book that offers 26 short chapters on everything from pets to being a sports parent to healthy relationships to food to keeping your marriage as much fun as it was before the children arrived.
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