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Document Typology: Newspaper / Magazine article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Profession has chosen us“
Name of author(s): Violeta Gustaitytė
Name of publisher: Newspaper /Ūkininko patarėjas
Language of the publication: Lithuanian
Language of the review: Lithuanian
Profession has chosen us.
""I try not to take work issues and sad mood home. A necessary condition in our work is to learn how to distance oneself from the work problems and let them stay behind the hospital doors. But when a patient whom you have communicated warmly with dies, you can rarely suppress the tears.
Such instances have been numerous. I always remember them. We had a lady patient who died still quite young. Her daughter was close to finishing her secondary school at the time. After a few years she greeted me at Christmas day and said: “When my mother passed away, I remember you as my second mother.” Such things are moving. You cannot put on a knight’s iron armour and not let it go into your heart.
Although it is morally hard to work at the Palliative Oncology Unit, I am happy about our harmonious, friendly staff that I call my second family. The employees support each other. If a nurse has a very serious patient, all of us discuss the situation and try to solve the problems.
Recently we feel there is more alienation in the society, and we come to work as if we visit our second family where one is surrounded by warm atmosphere. Our hospital has a very small employee turnover. People start to work here and stay for a long time.
I believe that there are things in life that you cannot explain; you don’t know why they happen.

Perhaps I can say that it wasn’t me who chose the profession of the nurse; it chose me. When I finished my secondary school, I read an ad that Panevėžys A. Domaševičius Medical School is collecting an experimental group of students with no entrance examinations, but with high grades of secondary school final exams. I thought to myself: exams are stressful, while this group means a sure enrolment. Besides, they promised to pay higher grants to those who had better grade average result. That also influenced my decision as I come from a large family. Thus, I went there. Everything happened unconsciously. But I believe I am in the right place.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
Caring and Competent Caregivers is a foundation book for use by academicians conducting professional training programs, diverse health care and social service providers on the front lines providing assistance to others, and students entering the field. Incorporating philosophy, social science research, and impressionistic evidence, this book provides a basis for education and practice that is both inspirational and practical.
Nors didžiuojuosi savo profesija, kalbuosi apie ją ir namuose, tačiau savo vaikų neskatinu sukti šiuo keliu. Dukra Indrė studijuoja užsienyje filosofiją, sūnus Erlandas – dar moksleivis.
Slaugytojai tenka didžiulis psichologinis krūvis. Ji yra ryšys tarp ligonio ir jo artimųjų, tarp paciento ir gydytojo, bet mūsų sunkus darbas nėra pakankamai įvertinta. Mes neturime švenčių, nes per šventes ligos nepoilsiauja ir nešvenčia. Atlyginimai mūsų maži. Kartais pajuokauju – galime džiaugtis visais mažais dalykais: matome gražų mėlyną pavasarišką dangų, pirmą žalumą, tad džiaugiamės ir savo tokiomis pačiomis mažomis algomis... Algą moka kiekvieno mėnesio 5 dieną, tai atėjusios į darbą viena kitą pasveikiname: „Mergaitės, šiandien dirbame už pinigus!“ Gauname tą algelę ir sudurti galą su galu nėra lengva, o norisi, kad mūsų vaikai gyventų geriau.“
Vis dėlto esu įsitikinusi: slaugytojos profesija labai prasminga – juk atiduodi save kitam žmogui.
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