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Document Typology: Web Article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Organization of social services system
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Language of the publication: Romanian
Language of the review: English
For social services to be effective they must be developed on a mix of structures and local / national responsibilities. The organization of local level, decentralized, should be flush with framing a national policy strategy, institutional and training.
Functional differentiation axis local / national level would take the following configuration:
1) The local / community: basic services, supplemented by specialized social services to local units under the local authority.
2) At the national level: national policy on social and welfare services development, production and delivery of professional resources, development and control of minimum quality standards, partial funding of these services, complementary with local resources.
1. Developing welfare services at local level should take place in the context of a radical reform of local and national government. Local authorities should develop local social development plans. These plans should include the diagnosis of social problems of local community and the ways of action to solve them. Special plans can be developed in response to the identification of priority social issues. Local social services must have a financial fund to support the diagnosis determined by the finest situation.
2) The national system of social services - functions
To ensure high efficiency operation of local bodies under decentralization, redefineing the functions of national institutions and strengtheningthem is vital. The article presents the redefined functions:
a) Establish national social policy
b) Development of social legislation
c) Budgeting
d) Establish minimum national organizational structures
e) Ensure procedures and professional standards, dissemination, including through mechanisms of permanent training
Developing a coherent system of social services is a vital component of the modernization process to the Romanian society. It can be considered alongside the social insurance system, the main aim of social reform.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
Article makes a plea for the importance realizing of a structure and appropriate local/ national responsibilities in social assistance area. It shows that, for a local organization, highly decentralized, there must be realized a good political strategy, institutional and national professional.
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