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Document Typology: Web Article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Low No 47/ 8 March 2006
Name of author(s): The Romanian Parliament
Name of publisher: “Monitorul Oficial” no 239/16 March 2006
Language of the publication: Romanian
Language of the review: English
Low no 47/March 2006 regarding the national social assistance system comprises 52 articles. The purpose of this low consists in the creation of the necessary conditions to implement social measures and actions to ensure the right of each person in a situation of social need, due to economic, physical, psychological or social reasons, to benefit from social services and social benefits.
This law defines social system and its components, system of social benefits and social services system. Throughout this law, there are described the social services and the provision of social services. Providing the social services is organized in a decentralized system, at the level of local communities, as appropriate to meet identified social needs, the types of potential beneficiaries and particular conditions under which they are. Benefits are financial transfers that include: family allowances, welfare benefits and facilities, the law also defines the main criteria on which such benefits are granted.
By law nr.47/2006 were established organizational forms, structures and responsibilities and obligations for them. This law states that all Romanian citizens who have residence in Romania are entitled to social assistance without any discrimination.
Law No 47/2006 proposes new regulations on social assistance system personnel, organization and functioning of the national social assistance and the financing of social benefits and social services. Regarding social assistance system personnel, the law specifies the persons who are active in this field, and which are their obligations. The organization and functioning of the national social assistance is done both at central and local level. Social assistance is financed mainly by funding from the state budget or local budgets. The financing of social assistance is determined by special laws governing the granting of benefits and provision of social services
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The legal document is the basic law governing the national social assistance system in Romania. The document, which has 52 items, includes the definition and components of the social security system, forms of organization, structures and responsibilities, and regulations on personnel system and its method of financing.
Where to find it:
Pdf of the publication: L47-2006

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