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Document Typology: Web Article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: The relationship between nurse and patient with ophthalmological issues
Name of author(s): Corina Sorina Safta
Name of publisher:
Language of the publication: Romanian
Language of the review: English
The article presents some of the keys of a balanced relationship between nurse and patient with ophthalmological issues. This relationship will be one of mutual acceptance, an attitude of respect, warmth and empathic understanding to the patient. When we are speaking of ophthalmological disease, the affected need is communication, and the source of difficulty is visual deficit, it may be sudden or it may develop over time. The source of difficulty refers to physical, psychological, social and spiritual direction.
Relationship between nurse and patient starts when the patient is hospitalized, and the nurses must be able to establish a climate for warm relations, of humanity, both with the patient and with his entourage.
The patient must be balanced mentally - nurse explaining the purpose and nature of interventions, trying to familiarize the patient with the surrounding environment, to ensure a peaceful and secure environment and to give the medication recommended by the doctor, local and general. Also the nurse provide care related to sensory disturbance (visual and sometimes auditory), supplying the patient`s needs that he cannot satisfy by himself: eating and drinking, the movement, maintaining his skin clean, avoiding dangers. Healthcare intervention of the nurse will be focused on "lack" and it consists in increasing the patient`s independence. Finally, it is obtained a relief of the "addiction" or it is gained the "independence". The healthcare should promote the road to independence, to gain the patient's autonomy.
Professional competence of the nurse is demonstrated through extensive theoretical knowledge and ability to apply them in a creative activity, of individualized healthcare, personalized, competent and human.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The paper presents the relationship that should exist between patient with ophthalmic problems and nurse. It highlights the importance of combining the professional competence of the nurse with his ability to provide individualized care, safety and comfort during the hospitalization of the patient.
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Pdf of the publication: RELA - camr-bv_20m_com_lucr_24_htm.pdf

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