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Document Typology: Web Article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Basic types of adaptation to stress used by chronically ill
Name of author(s): Ioan-Bradu
Name of publisher:
Language of the publication: Romanian
Language of the review: English
This article presents the four types of stress copying behavior of a patient with a severe or fatal chronic disease. They are:
Avoiding confrontation with the disease is the equivalent to an excessive focus on emotion, which consists in: abuse of incentives - from coffee and alcohol to drugs, lack of adaptation to the demands of treatment, various conversion disorders that can complicate the diagnosis;
Excessive focus on the disease involves a desperate struggle with the disease, consisting in search of remedies among doctors and in the removal of the means of relaxation. Fatigue, up to exhaustion, emphasizes the disease effects.
Overadaptation represents the behavior adapted to chronic debilitating diseases. This behavior is manifested by excesses both in the professional activity (refuge in work) and lifestyle (self-destructive behavior by excessive alcohol consumption, etc.).
Coexistence with stress is an increasingly recommended solution lately, not only in the medical world when the disease is incurable but not fatal, but also in personal life plan of people who are experiencing problems that can`t be solved in a decisive way. This behavior is characterized by maintaining a positive thinking, kindness, honesty and gratitude towards others, avoid solitude, keeping humor.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
This article presents the four types of behavior towards psychological stress, of a patient with a severe or fatal chronic disease. These are: avoiding confrontation with the disease, excessive focus of the disease, overadaptation, coexistence with stress.
Where to find it:,38,274,tipurile_fundamentale_de_adaptare_la_stres_utilizate_de_bolnavii_cronici.html

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