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Document Typology: Research
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: The experience of give care to some person with chronic illness
Name of author(s): Sánchez B
Name of publisher: Investigaci�n & Educaci�n en Enfermer�a (INVESTIGACION EDUC ENFERM), 2001 Sep; 19(2): 36-50 (62 ref)
Language of the publication: Spanish
Language of the review: English
The study sought to give a contribution to the conceptual construction of nursing by knowing the experience of people that have taken care of someone in a chronic situation of illness. This is particularly useful in order to help the understanding of the nurses as caregiver of the caregivers. It was opted by a phenomenological methodology with the purpose of understanding the perceptions from other external to us. The method of Colaizzi was selected by its conceptual vision in which it supports the importance of the phenomenological description as part of the future action. The analysis was based on the answer to the investigation question: how is the experience of being a caregiver of someone in situation of chronic illness?. In order to obtain a complete description of the studied phenomena, 10 categories were constructed by different codes. Summing up the mentioned categories the essential structure of the experience of being a caregiver of someone living in a situation of chronic illness was described. The findings of the study have allowed to understand what means for people to be a caregiver. This experience goes further away of having a responsibility for another person in illness situation to generate a different form of life and relationship, with themselves with social and familiar implications. Finally the implications of the research for the nursing practice in service, teaching, research and theory are presented.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The findings of the study have allowed to understand what means for people to be a caregiver.
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