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Document Typology: Research
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: Factors of the caregiver that influence the fulfillment of the elegant basic ones of the humbled user [Spanish].
Name of author(s): Luengo Martínez CE , Araneda Pagliotti G , López Espinoza MA
Name of publisher: Index de Enfermería (INDEX ENFERM), 2010, 19(1): 14-8 (31 ref)
Language of the publication: Spanish
Language of the review: English
The number of postrados users is increasing; only one part of the cares that they require is provided by the sanitary professionals, most are being taken care of in its familiar and communitarian surroundings, being from it, often, cares inadequate.
Objective: to associate factors of the caregiver with the fulfillment of the basic cares of the postrado user.
Methodology: Quantitative, descriptive, analytical, corelational study of cross section.
Population of study: 98 caregiver pertaining to Centers of Health of Chillan- Chile.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
Objective of the research: To associate factors of the caregiver with the fulfillment of the basic cares of the postrado user

Results: most of the caregiver of postrados users, they moderately fulfill the cares basic that the patient needs, present/display an intense overload and exists evidence to affirm that the factors of the informal caretaker that influence in the fulfillment of the basic cares they are: age, schooling, time in charge of the patient and nontransmissible chronic diseases without anxiety symptoms.
Where to find it: CINAHL database

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