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Document Typology: Research
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Review of "Integrating narrative medicine and evidence-based medicine: The everyday social practice of healing".
Name of author(s): Apostoleris, Nicholas H., University of Massachusetts Medical School Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency Program, MA, US
Name of publisher: Families, Systems, & Health, Vol 30(1), Mar, 2012. pp. 82-83
Language of the publication: English
Language of the review: English
Reviews the book, "Integrating Narrative Medicine and Evidence-Based Medicine: The Everyday Social Practice of Healing" by J. P. Meza and D. S. Passermann (2011). Drs. Meza and Passerman have written a timely, widely relevant work which is both accessible to readers who are new to narrative and evidence-based medicine and worthwhile for those familiar with the fields. The authors, both of whom are family medicine residency leaders, not only provide the reader with a practical account of the basic principles of both narrative and evidence-based medicine as distinct perspectives, but also attempt to integrate these perspectives." Integrating Narrative Medicine and Evidence-Based Medicine" makes the argument that epistemology matters in the practice of medicine and that only by integrating these two particular ways of knowing will research become truly translational and will doctors become healers.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
important for narrative based medicine
Where to find it: PsycARTICLES

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