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Document Typology: Research
Methodology addressed by the publication:International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Title of document: Evaluation of the implementation of nursing diagnostics
Name of author(s): Maria Muller Staub
Name of publisher: Elsevier LTD
Language of the publication: English
Language of the review: English
Nurses are mandated to describe, document and evaluate their contribution to health care. Escalating costs and legal cases require health care disciplines to develop measures so that the quality of discipline-based services can be compared across settings and localities. Important measures of the quality of nursing care are those that focus on nurses performance in the nursing process as expressed in nursing documentation.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
the international literature and the opinion of Swiss expert nurses indicate that - from the perspective of classifying comprehensive nursing diagnoses - NANDA-I should be recommended for nursing practice and electronic nursing documentation. Study limitations and future research needs are discussed.
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