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Document Typology: Book
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Contemporary Education in Nursing Care.
Name of author(s): Jana Nemcová a kol.
Name of publisher: Osveta 2010
Language of the publication: Slovak
Language of the review: English
The education role of nurses is nowadays considered one of the main competencies and responsibilities of the nurisng care profession. Registered nurses must also educate the patients from law. According to the Act of health care and notice about the nursing care includes in the nursing care praxis the education “when the nurse educates a person, family or community about nurisng care with the focus on self reliability. It also offers information about providing nursing care to a person, family or community". This monography is contribution to the widening of knowledge from the nursing care field as well as support health professionals in their education activities focusing on overal improvement of the patients’ life quality, their families and communities with a positive effect on patients’ satisfaction with the nursing care. It brings out education based on respect and reverence to each individual’s personality, his dignity and ability to decide about himself.
In an effort to show the general and complex sides of the nursing care education issue following topics were included in the book: definition of the nursing care terminology, education theories and models, motivation, reviewing, diagnosis, planning, realization and evaluation of teh education process, helth support education, social and multicultural aspects of education, education programmes in communities, management of the education process with using the care map as well as education via information technologies and internet sources of education.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
Education role of the nurses is important issuse and state to comptencies and border of responsibilities is crucial.
The publication from the point of the project deals with these skills and konowledge from the skills in the project, and especially from the field of planning and realization of the care:
Being able to identify the assistance needs.
Being able to estimate the patient’s aspect of life and the practicability.
Being able to identify the caregiver for supporting and sharing the planning assistance.
Being able to make plans and customized flexible paths adjustable as time goes by.
Being able to plan interventions.
Being able to estimate the effectiveness of interventions.
Being able to identify the skills for improving and developing the existing family resources.
Being able to respect the family in the therapeutic education programme.
Being able to reach the family culture in a respectfully way (habits and customs, by learning from it)
Being able to apply methods and tools of the system quality management within the Continuity of care in hospital and territory

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